Does your nonprofit organization track performance?

by | Sep 27, 2018

Accountability for performance measurement has become an important and urgent subject for nonprofit organizations as they encounter increasing competition from other agencies who are competing for scarce funding. In this article, we will take a deeper look into setting up and tracking accounting performance.

A performance measurement is a numeric analysis that indicates how well a nonprofit is achieving its objectives. Accordingly, these measurements can be used to examine the performance of all aspects of an organization. For instance, accounting, marketing, materials management, and more.

Set a primary financial goal and applicable KPIs for your nonprofit organization

First, nonprofits need to set a primary goal compared to its previous year. Achieving this goal requires implementing strategies and action plans.

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are ways to measure progress toward the implementation of the strategies. Furthermore, KPIs can help understand the success of each strategy. Nonprofits’ financial strategies can be categorized into two key areas: revenue/ donation growth and cost efficiency.

During the annual goal-setting process, nonprofits should identify areas of the company’s operations that need improvement. Then, nonprofits should develop strategies to cause these improvements to happen.

For example, if a nonprofit’s primary goal is to increase revenue by 10%, the KPI must be measurable and applicable to that goal. This may include increasing fundraising efforts through a targeted marketing campaign or increasing grant writing efforts and applications to funding opportunities.

If the primary goal of your nonprofit is to improve cost savings by 10%, the KPI may include increasing in-kind donations to offset actual costs incurred by the organization or increasing training to decrease operational errors. Now, determine how to measure improvements.

Measure your nonprofit organization’s KPIs

Decide, as an organization, how often these KPIs should be measured and weighted. Perhaps some should be measured monthly, but reported to the management team and the Board on a quarterly basis.

Ideally, your nonprofit organization measures and reports performance on all functions of the business. By doing so, you’ll be providing insight to the efficiency of the entire operation.

Below are several examples of numeric ways to measure accounting performance goals for your nonprofit organization.



    Generic KPIs:

    Analyze your nonprofit organization’s KPIs and apply what you’ve learned

    After monitoring and reporting KPIs, it’s now the responsibility of your nonprofit’s management to celebrate the wins. You’ll also want to create process improvements for those that fall below the acceptable KPIs.

    Again, refer to the improvements identified in the annual goal setting process. Measure as often as possible and reconcile the KPIs against your nonprofit’s primary financial goal. Finally, monitor and note the inputs (numbers that make up the KPIs) in relation to the outcomes.

    Mandy Potts