Moving on With Gratitude and a Smile

by | May 20, 2019

Yes, loyal clients, staff, advisors and all whom NFP Partners has served in the nonprofit community, I am finally retiring…well, sort of.

As you are probably aware, I started turning ownership and management over to Laura Jorstad five years ago and we have fully completed that transition. Laura has done a wonderful job in growing our nonprofit accounting services practice. I feel so lucky in having recruited her nine years ago and the success we have experienced.

Looking back on my consulting career in accounting technology and services, it was the right choice. I either founded or came in at the ground floor of five businesses. Two were losers and, fortunately, three succeeded. Except for a couple of short interludes, I was always the entrepreneur, accountable only to myself and my clients. Looking back, I feel very satisfied and at peace with the world.

I am looking forward to my next life-phase with emphasis on family, recreation, travel and continuing to stay engaged in helping worthy causes. Recently, we purchased a second home in Puerto Rico, a part of the USA that Carol, my wife, and I dearly love, having lived there fifty years ago when I was in the Air Force and have visited frequently since. We don’t know yet how much time we will spend there, certainly more in the winter months.

I have volunteered with a couple of nonprofit organizations there involved in re-building the permanent energy infra-structure following Hurricane Maria in 2017 with an emphasis on renewables. So, we shall see! Our condo is in Rincon, a town of about 12,000 on the west coast, about 15 miles from where I served in the Air Force. Visitors are welcome!

I will be around for Laura and her team for advice and whatever help I can provide. For all who know me, let’s stay in touch. I have you in my contacts. My email going forward is

Adios y Amistad,
Lee Bengston