A Look Back at NFP Partners in 2019

by | Dec 20, 2019

Call me crazy but growing up, December was my favorite time of the year. Why is that crazy? Well, I grew up in Minnesota, which I’m sure is one of the coldest places to live in the winter. Being excited for such a chilly time of the year makes me wonder about the mental state of mind in my younger years. Honestly, who in the cold Midwest looks forward to December?

Well, for my family and I, the month of December was a time for reflection and planning. I think that is one of the reasons why December was a favorite for me. As I continue to spend time reflecting in the month of December, I think of NFP Partners, the closing of 2019 and what 2020 has in store, the future is exciting.

Below are some quick recaps and glimpses into the future.

 A Look Back at NFP Partners in 2019:

What’s ahead for NFP Partners in 2020:

  • We will expand our delivery of Bill.com services to all of our clients
  • Evaluating and improving the services we offer to new and existing clients. This will help us ensure best practices are followed and services are delivered efficiently. It will also include some fun client recognition!
  • Continuing to connect as a team, grow as a company, and offer our services to more nonprofit organizations

In 2019, we reached out to several clients to obtain feedback on the services we provide. Afterward, we learned through that evaluation process that our clients value the following:

  • Our fresh look at the delivery of their organization’s accounting functions
  • Expert support to solve the challenges their organization is facing, including an outdated accounting system, reports that are not meaningful, or unreliable financial information

From that feedback, in 2020, we will continue to focus our efforts on “Impacting the World One Accounting Challenge at a Time.”