software implementation and support

Don’t look for new accounting software, look for a new accounting strategy – we’ll partner with you to help make sense of your accounting, so you can focus on expanding your mission rather than drowning in workarounds for financial reporting. 

We can bring enterprise-grade nonprofit accounting software set-up from scratch or work with you to fully utilize your existing software and help you focus on doing the work that serves your mission.

For startups and organizations that have relatively simple and lower-volume accounting and reporting requirements, we recommend and support QuickBooks and know how to make it conform to nonprofit accounting standards. As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we support all versions and provide cloud hosting through a business partner.



Software Support

NFP Partners provides on-going software support after the software implementation project. This can be as simple as fielding a client’s question by phone or email. We, as the business partner, have special knowledge and insight about the client’s organization and practices. Normally there is no charge for these quick consultations.

Consulting Services

We also provide consulting services for software-related projects, such as implementing a new MIP module, integration of MIP and third-party products. These services are normally outside the scope of Abila’s maintenance and support contract. Whether acquired from Abila or NFP Partners, professional service fees apply. 

Software Training

We have experienced an on-going demand among our clients for additional software training and hold group hands-on training sessions when there is sufficient collective demand. 

NFP Partners practices a proven methodology, beginning with a clear and comprehensive definition of new system objectives and requirements from the client during the sales process.

This allows our consultants to set the scope of the project and to provide realistic cost estimates for product and professional services. It also sets the foundation for project planning after the sale and developing a Consulting Services Agreement.

Then, the implementation project is planned, in detail, with phased tasks and milestones, a timeline and the responsibilities of the consultant and client spelled out along with deliverables defined for each project phase.

Typical MIP Implementation Timeline

Download a representative Excel workbook that illustrates the timeline and implementation phase of a typical Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ project.

A Closer Look at Abila MIP Fund Accounting™

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ is regarded by nonprofit accountants as the gold standard of its genre and consistently receives top ratings from independent sources, such as TrustRadius and CPA Practice Advisor. It has a long history as a solid solution for small- to mid-size organizations that require true fund accounting. Some of its erstwhile competitors have faded but MIP has thrived by delivering what customers demand and staying up-to-date with technology.

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