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We are a team of accounting professionals dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions through strong financial management. We accomplish this by providing affordable accounting services, great technology, and super responsive support.

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NFP Partners serves nonprofits and special governmental organizations from small-to-mid-sized located in all parts of the USA with some concentration in Colorado.

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We offer a full range of outsourced accounting services to nonprofit organizations, from basic financial management to higher-level CFO support.

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We implement and support award-winning nonprofit accounting software including the popular Abila MIP Fund Accounting™.

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A few hours of consultation saved dozens of hours of future staff time on our end. NFP Partners was a life saver and a smart investment!

Carolyn Moller, Accounting Manager



NFP Partners’ aims to impact the world, one accounting challenge at a time. We do so by helping our clients meet the challenges of growth, operational efficiency, accountability, and regulation. Furthermore, NFP Partners offers extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector and a deep understanding of accounting technology tools.

Whether employing our customized accounting services, implementing accounting software, hosting your software, along with super-responsive support, you can count on us to exceed expectations. Your financial management will rise to the top and your auditor will love you!

The Ultimate Guide to Outsourced Nonprofit Accounting Services

For over 10 years, NFP Partners has provided nonprofit and governmental organizations with expert consulting and top-notch customer support through outsourced nonprofit accounting services.

With years of expertise, comes the opportunity to answer all of your organization’s questions are they relate to outsourced nonprofit accounting services. Does your organization need outsourced nonprofit accounting services? Is the cost of outsourced nonprofit accounting services more expensive than maintaining your organization’s accounting in-house? Find the answers to these questions and more.

Articles of Interest

Importance of the Right Nonprofit Accounting Software

NFP Partners has worked with nonprofit organizations for over twelve years, providing accounting software tools and added-value services. As the business evolved to providing outsourced accounting services facilitated by technology, having the right nonprofit accounting software remained the core of being able to deliver excellent service to clients.

This article addresses why organizations require access to accounting software, specifically suited to the nonprofit sector.

What does your nonprofit organization need to know about QuickBooks?

To dispel one impression, QuickBooks is not a pejorative for us. In fact, we endorse it and other entry-level software as satisfactory tools for small- to mid-sized nonprofits. We use the QuickBooks Enterprise edition hosted by our private cloud service for many of our outsourced accounting clients.

QuickBooks has become the default software for small businesses and nonprofits as it’s user-friendly and has some feature-sets that other, more advanced, accounting software may not have (e.g., integrated credit card processing).

It can serve as a permanent tool for organizations with slow or no growth, along with those that operate more like private businesses with revenues mainly derived from selling goods or services. We have seen nonprofit accountants, who know how to use QuickBooks, perform some magical things, pushing it beyond its intended limits. There’s a natural human resistance to change and, unfortunately, their good intentions sometimes become a disservice to the organization. For those in this position, we suggest reading Stepping Up to New Accounting Software – How It Really Works.


Accounting Software Questions For Your Nonprofit to Ask

Accounting software should help your nonprofit grow without causing sleepless nights and consuming valuable staff time. Because of such, we are discussing six questions to ask your outsourced accounting provider as it relates to your accounting software.

1. Can my nonprofit continue to use our present accounting software?

The outsourcing provider should have experience with the more popular accounting software applications used by nonprofits. More specifically, some examples of these applications include QuickBooks, Abila MIP Fund Accounting™, Blackbaud Financial Edge, and Sage Intacct.

The provider will require access to the software through a secure Internet connection. Is your software presently deployed on an in-house server or PC? If so, the provider may recommend that it be moved to a hosted, off-site environment for 24/7 access by on-site personnel and the outsourced accountants.

In some cases, the present accounting software may not be the best solution for your nonprofit. If this is the case, the outsourcing provider will recommend upgrading the software to a later version or an entirely new product. This decision will help your organization fully realize the benefits of improved financial management.

Furthermore, the decision would have to be made sooner or later, regardless of if your nonprofit outsources its accounting. For help on deciding which accounting software is best for your nonprofit, click here to read “Importance of the Right Accounting Software.(more…)

“Impacting the World One Accounting Challenge at a Time”

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“NFP’s pricing was competitive, for bookkeeping, but their attention to detail, interest in our business, and willingness to work with our model put the company over the top compared to the other bidders. NFP helped with templates to make the transition easier, and management was hands-on and attentive during the process.”

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