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NFP Partners serves nonprofits and special governmental organizations from small-to-mid-size ($500,000 to $50,000,000) located in all parts of the USA with some concentration in Colorado, as that’s where our business started, where we are headquartered and most of our team reside. The main criteria for becoming an NFP Partners’ client is a recognized need for more effective and efficient financial management, a commitment to improvement, and at least initial financial sustainability.

Our typical clients:

  • Receive funding from multiple sources, including public and corporate donations, private contributions, government grants, program services revenue and membership fees.
  • Have outgrown more entry-level accounting software that lacks features essential to successful nonprofit accounting and reporting.
  • Have progressed beyond initial startup stages and aspire to develop a more professional management structure.
  • Have a competent financial manager and executive team with members who recognize the inherent value of solid financial management.
  • Use technology intelligently and strive for better ways to improve productivity.

Our clients range across all major services that nonprofit and governmental organizations provide. Over several years of experience, we can categorize our clients into three different groups or personas generally related to the growth-stage but not totally. These are developmental, growth, and chaotic or unstable. Click below to learn about these personas, some of the major service areas of our clients, and to read their stories.

Impacting the nonprofit community, one accounting challenge at a time

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American Advertising Federation - DC Chapter

Together, we make up the D.C. advertising community that drives the creative economy.

American Cheese Education Foundation

The American Cheese Education Foundation creates access to education and raises funds for food safety and industry research for the specialty cheese industry.

Bat Conservation International

Our mission is to conserve the world’s bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet.

Bell Policy Center

Our mission is to ensure economic mobility for every Coloradan.

Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center

Our mission is to improve the lives of families in our community by providing medical therapy to all in need of assistance in areas such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Casa of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties

Our mission is to recruit, train and manage volunteers who serve as independent lay advocates for children who are victims of neglect and physical and/or sexual abuse. Our hope is that all children will have a CASA volunteer as someone to pay attention, someone to give the child a voice, someone to care.

Caring for Denver Foundation

We invest in the power of community. Founded and funded by and for Denver, we turn our community’s desire to help into action to address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs.

Clinica Colorado

To provide equitable primary health care and resources to those with limited access across Colorado.

Colorado Children's Campaign

We advocate for the development and implementation of data-driven public policies that improve child well-being in health, education, early childhood, and family economic prosperity

Denver Young Artists Orchestra

The mission of DYAO is to expose young musicians and audiences to the joy and beauty of symphonic music, pursuing excellence through exceptional orchestral training, unique & diverse performance opportunities, and new pathways to symphonic experiences. Ultimately, we seek to cultivate the next generation of musicians who will reimagine the future of symphonic music in our community.

Disabling Barriers

Disabling Barriers serves the physical and behavioral health of children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Southern Colorado by providing grants to fill unmet needs, overcome barriers, and support caregivers through improved access to opportunities, programs, and resources so individuals with disabilities can reach their highest level of independence and potential.

National Alliance on Mental Health

NAMI provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.

Project Sanctuary

Believing that when one person serves the whole family serves, Project Sanctuary takes a human-centered, solution-based approach to helping military families heal and move forward in life. Through innovative long-term programming focused on connectedness, we restore hope and empower families to recover and thrive.

Project Angel Heart

Our vision is for all Coloradans living with severe illness to have access to nutritious food that supports their health and well-being. To that end, we compassionately deliver comfort and support through high-quality nutrition services, including medically tailored meals, while also advocating for the principles of “Food is Medicine.”

Organizations in the Development Stage

Organizations in the Development Stage

Nonprofits that are in a development phase, moving up from a successful early startup stage, focus on achieving the mission and establishing sustainable funding.

Financial management and technology utilization are growing concerns, but management is not ready, nor equipped, to hire qualified finance and accounting professionals or tried but had a bad experience.

The major pain points for a nonprofit in the development phase are:

  • Not having enough money to hire a full-time accounting professional
  • Your current accounting system may very well be Excel or unsophisticated
  • You are great with your mission but lack the accounting expertise to move ahead
Organizations in the Chaotic/Unstable Stage

Organizations in the Chaotic/Unstable Stage

This persona is part of a growing or existing nonprofit that is in transition, but not in a good one, a stressful one. You are losing talent, credibility, and control of your finances through it all. You know what it takes to create a good financial system but right now cannot fulfill them.

This transition is creating a loss of checks and balances and has the Board to answer to. Some of your major pain points include:

  • Turnover in your accounting department which has caused a lack of stability
  • You’ve been burned by a bad hire and don’t want to repeat the same mistakes
  • You want to reprieve from stress so you can focus on stabilizing

If any of these personas sound like you or if the pain points match closely to your organization, then look no further, we have a solution.

Organizations in the Growing Stage

Organizations in the Growing Stage

This persona is in the midst of growing pains. Your organization’s leadership and Board of Directors place high importance on financial management and your current system is not going to grow with you. 

You don’t have the depth of their internal resources to deliver strong financial management results, despite otherwise being an excellent program manager and fundraiser.

The major pain points you may be experiencing are:

  • Not having a budget to hire a full-time accounting professional
  • Your current accountant is using QuickBooks and isn’t comfortable with the change
  • You’ve been burned by a bad hire and not sure what to do next
  • You are growing out of your current system and have no one in-house to spearhead this growth

Client service areas

Nonprofit organizations comprise the majority of NFP Partners’ practice, primarily concentrated in Colorado, but branching into adjacent states. We serve nonprofits of all sizes, including startups provided they have sufficient initial financial support, a growth strategy and appreciate the need for strong financial management.

For smaller organizations, typically under $4 million annual revenue, outsourced accounting and CFO services can offer a cost-effective transitional or permanent financial management solution. Mid-size to larger organizations, starting somewhere in the $4 million annual revenue range and up to $50 million or more, have broader and more sophisticated needs, including software tools to manage their finances and fundraising. NFP Partners, with its offering of Abila software solutions, can provide the tools and support to organizations that are transitioning from an entrepreneurial growth stage to one instituting professional management.

Since 2006, NFP Partners has acquired a portfolio of nonprofit clients that represent most nonprofit areas. Although not in every area, our services are not limited to any particular sectors that nonprofits serve. The following is a brief summary of the types of clients NFP Partners currently serve by major nonprofit classification (NTEE).

NFP Partners has established a solid foothold in serving public health agencies. Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ is a proven software solution for the demanding and closely regulated accounting and reporting requirements for federally financed health organizations.

We support several organizations that provide direct assistance to families and youth in the forms or food, housing, employment, and other needs. These nonprofits receive funding from a multitude of public and private sources with demanding tracking and reporting requirements for which Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ is well suited.

This is a broad area served by many public and private agencies. Our clients include other educational nonprofits that specialize in early childhood education, remedial learning, adult retraining, college scholarships, and outdoor adventure experiences.

NFP Partners has several clients that advocate various causes such as healthy living; land and resources use; and children’s health, education, and safety. Most have multiple funding sources and relatively complex accounting and reporting.

NFP Partners provides financial software support or outsourced accounting and CFO services to a diverse group of not-for-profit clients not otherwise classified including a membership organization, governmental special districts, and charitable foundations.