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Our mission at NFP Partners is to help nonprofits become stronger financial managers. This is accomplished by providing expert, outsourced nonprofit accounting services and great technology tools.

As CPAs, nonprofit board members, and former outside auditors and nonprofit CFOs, NFP Partners offers more than just accounting software. Realizing that ‘one size does not fit all’ and that software is one piece of the solution, we take a holistic approach to each opportunity for service.

We consider the governance and organizational environment in addition to processing and reporting needs before recommending a particular software solution. Our vision is to provide our services to organizations that are motivated to strive for excellence in helping their constituents and to be part of their success. We see no limit to what we can accomplish as a business by staying focused on our mission, maintaining high performance standards, and making NFP Partners a great place to work.



With the help of our dedicated team of devoted professionals, NFP Partners has grown and evolved significantly since 2006.

The firm currently provides a wide range of financial management products and services to nonprofit and special government organizations. As the organization grew, we realized that many smaller not-for-profit organizations, which often need the most help, lack the human and financial resources to internally manage their finances.

In response to this need, in 2009 we implemented a business unit to provide outsourced accounting and CFO services. As small organizations grow and become successful, they transition to professional management and require more sophisticated financial management solutions.

NFP Partners provides this valuable service, which is entirely compatible with its software sales and consulting component. In fact, for some smaller nonprofit organizations, we provide both the software and accounting services.


NFP Partners was founded in 2006 by Lee Bengston, CPA, to provide financial management solutions and services to the not-for-profit sector.

For most of his career, Lee served small- to mid-size businesses in the accounting technology sector; first as an independent consultant and later as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of ERP solutions for distribution and service businesses.

Upon consideration of semi-retirement in 2005, Lee volunteered and served as Board Treasurer and as chair of the audit and finance committees for two Colorado nonprofit organizations. He utilized his extensive skill set to help the organizations overcome financial management challenges, making a positive and lasting impact.

This experience, along with a growing passion for serving nonprofits, led Lee to form a business with dual objectives. These objectives were commercial sustainability and giving back to the community.

Putting his thoughts of retirement on hold, Lee sold his commercial accounts to a local Sage VAR of commercial software and became a VAR of Abila nonprofit financial management software (primarily Abila MIP Fund Accounting™).

“NFP Partners allows financial expertise at the fingertips of organizations who may not desire the financial obligation that comes from hiring a full-time employee. Many nonprofits benefit from the services provided by NFP Partners by having financial bookkeeping which helps executive directors plan for growth.”

Katie Sullivan, Nonprofit Accounting Consultant at NFP Partners