A Crazy Year’s Simple Recap – NFP Partners in 2020

by | Dec 8, 2020

“Laura will you write a recap of 2020 for the newsletter,” Makalah, NFP Partners’ Marketing Manager, asks me. Sure, but how do I write about the craziness of 2020? Well, here goes my attempt.

NFP Partners’ 2020

Like many of our clients, NFP Partners charted a course on a continuous crazy ride. I remember the craziness of those first days: Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applications, PPP daily changes, additional Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, advising clients on Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFRCA). That hodgepodge of acronyms is enough to make your head spin.

The NFP Partners team did not miss a beat in serving our partners throughout the year. This support included:

  • Helping in-person clients pivot to online
  • Paid bills
  • Processed payroll
  • Performed our regular month-end closings
  • Perfected cash flow forecasts to enable important decision-making during the pandemic
  • Navigated audit support remotely

We were fortunate enough to start new partnerships with more nonprofit organizations. We were also able to grow our team, jumpstart internal and external social change initiatives, and conduct our first-ever virtual team retreat. After seeing it all written down, I’d say 2020 was still a year of flourishment, even with the difficult circumstances.

Laura’s 2020

Laura's 2020

When watching swim meets turns virtual.

Personally, on the other hand, our ground came to a halt. My family started our stay-at-home order by celebrating our son’s 17th birthday, which was also supposed to be his 1st high school swim meet of the season.

Both of our kids participate in a USA Swimming Club team. The team’s practice came to a halt on March 13 and finally resumed practice six-months later, to the day, on September 13. Just like everyone else, our life went from a crazy ride to a leisurely Sunday drive, if even that. We have adjusted and even added an additional high-speed internet line so we can all participate in the new norm, Zoom or Google Meets!

As we wrap up this crazy year, I reflect on all that I am grateful for, HEALTH, family (we are still getting along), all of our nonprofit partners, and of course, the amazing NFP Partners team and their dedication to serving our partners. We will be stronger in 2021 because of 2020, and I can’t wait to say BUH, BYE to 2020 at midnight on December 31, 2020!