Courtney Wright: Meet the NFP Partners Team


As a crucial member of NFP Partners’ nonprofit accounting team, Courtney has been adeptly managing a spectrum of responsibilities with the outsourced accounting firm since 2022. These responsibilities for NFP Partners’ nonprofit clients include processing accounts payable, payroll, invoicing accounts receivable, and more. With a BA in business administration from UMKC, Courtney hosts 14+ years of invaluable experience and a passion for nonprofit accounting.

Courtney’s Career

Courtney’s extensive background includes overseeing daily expense postings. Her career has included reviewing accounts payable across multiple fund managers and service providers, showcasing her adeptness in financial oversight and management.

Courtney serves as NFP Partners’ internal Divvy/BILL specialist. She also has¬†been instrumental in orchestrating successful and engaging annual team retreats. With Courtney’s support, NFP Partners has hosted meaningful retreats that foster camaraderie for the remote-based company.

Courtney’s Hobbies

Away from numbers and ledgers, Courtney finds solace in exploring the world with her husband and three energetic boys. They thrive on adventures, relishing experiences ranging from serene beach getaways to exhilarating mountain escapades. Fueling their collective passion, baseball takes center stage in their lives throughout the summer. She can often be found cheering fervently for her kids on the diamond.

Her commitment to financial diligence also extends beyond the workplace, evident in her active role on the Board at her church. While on the Board, she contributes insights to monthly statement reviews. She also diligently identifies month-over-month variances and discrepancies.

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