Kim Lovejoy: Meet the NFP Partners Team

Kim Lovejoy, a licensed Florida CPA, is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who has been a valuable addition to NFP Partners since joining in 2022. With a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of South Florida, Kim brings over two decades of nonprofit accounting experience to her role as an Accounting Team Supervisor. 

Kim & NFP Partners

At NFP Partners, Kim serves in a multifaceted role, completing Senior Accountant-level work and reviewing team-prepared client deliverables. As a liaison between the Accounting Manager and other team members, she serves as the point person for client questions, both internally and externally. Kim actively contributes to business development, participating in new client discovery calls, understanding client Statements of Work (SOWs), and playing a key role in new client onboarding.

In addition to her technical responsibilities, Kim exercises leadership by conducting team meetings, check-ins, and 1:1s with team members, providing active support and problem-solving. Her commitment to team success is evident through mentorship, coaching, and training initiatives, fostering individual growth and development. Kim also takes on supervisory responsibilities, setting goals and conducting performance evaluations, with support from the Accounting Services Director.

Kim’s Career

Her journey in the field began at a small CPA firm in Tampa, Florida, where she conducted audits of nonprofit organizations, prepared Form 990s, and performed peer reviews. Over the course of her career, Kim transitioned from auditing to the nonprofit sector, assuming the role of Controller for a nonprofit with an annual budget of $55 million. In this capacity, she demonstrated her proactive approach by implementing streamlined procedures, reducing month-end processes from 15 to 10 days. Kim’s expertise extended to the development of reports that aided senior management in making critical decisions about operations.

Kim’s Hobbies

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kim’s commitment to community service is reflected in her volunteer work for local animal charities. Residing in Lakeland, Florida, with her husband and three furbabies, Kim also enjoys leisure activities such as reading, crocheting, and baking. Her flexibility and dedication are further highlighted by her willingness to engage in after-hours work to meet client needs, making her a valuable asset to both NFP Partners and the nonprofit sector at large.