Connie Pease: Meet the NFP Partners Team

Connie Pease is a seasoned CPA serving as an Accounting Team Supervisor at NFP Partners. Since joining the team in 2022, Connie has been instrumental in supporting the nonprofit accounting team. In her current role, she completes senior accountant-level work, reviews team-prepared client deliverables, and manages financial statements. Connie also serves as the point person for client queries, internally and externally, while actively engaging in business development through new client discovery calls and onboarding processes. Her skills and experience have been an invaluable asset to the NFP Partners team and its nonprofit partners.

Connie & NFP Partners

Previously, Connie held the title of Senior Nonprofit Accountant at NFP Partners. In this role, she provided precise financial oversight. Her focus areas included month-end reviews, reconciliations, grant support services, and reporting tailored to meet each client’s specific scope of work.

In early 2024, Connie was promoted to Accounting Team Supervisor. The role allows her to take her impact to a new level, expanding on her supervisory responsibilities while ensuring team success. As an Accounting Team Supervisor, Connie focuses on mentorship and extends support to recruitment, resourcing, and project delegation.

Connie’s Career  

With a BA from Michigan State University, Connie’s career, which spans across 25 years, encompasses multifaceted roles in accounting and financial management. Her prior tenure as the Director of Finance for a nonprofit in Kalamazoo, MI, exemplifies her dedication to streamlining accounting functions and implementing innovative processes. Throughout her career, Connie has overseen accounting departments. She has also spearheaded transformative changes. Some examples include implementing efficient payroll processes and databases for optimal tracking and billing of funding sources.

Driven by the belief that nonprofits are integral community resources, Connie passionately utilizes her skills to be the best accounting partner she can. Her mission is to equip nonprofits with the necessary support and information crucial for operational excellence and mission fulfillment.

Connie’s Hobbies

Beyond her professional commitments, Connie finds joy in family life, being married and nurturing three adult children. During her leisure moments, she indulges in hobbies like reading, crafting, and gardening. Connie also enjoys serene walks with her trio of beloved dogs. 

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