Laura Jorstad: Meet the NFP Partners Team

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Laura Jorstad is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in nonprofit accounting management, boasting over two decades of expertise in the field. She embarked on her journey with NFP Partners in 2010, contributing significantly to the firm’s growth and success. Today, she serves as the company’s CEO.

Laura and NFP Partners

Laura joined NFP Partners during the firm’s developmental stage of its accounting services delivery model. She directed the firm’s evolution into a provider of accounting, CFO, and transitional services for numerous nonprofits. Many of the original nonprofits that Laura guided during this period continue to benefit from NFP Partners today.

As a certified Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ consultant, she has drawn from her extensive nonprofit accounting background to guide organizations towards effective development and implementation of software solutions.

Beyond her nonprofit accounting prowess, Laura is recognized for her exceptional leadership qualities. She has been the guiding force for her team at NFP Partners, fostering a culture of partnership, innovation, and care. Laura is dedicated to helping her team become better partners to NFP’s nonprofit clients and themselves. She believes in emphasizing the importance of personal and professional growth within the organization. Her commitment to mentorship and leadership development underscores her belief in creating a supportive work environment that not only benefits the clients but also nurtures the individual and collective success of her team members.

Laura’s Career

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in business and healthcare from Concordia College, establishing a strong educational foundation for her subsequent accomplishments. Prior to joining NFP Partners, she played pivotal roles in various fiscal capacities, notably within the State of Colorado. Here, Laura oversaw grant management systems. She also managed multi-million dollar budgets, showcasing her proficiency in financial oversight. Furthermore, Laura was instrumental in the redesign of economic systems, demonstrating her strategic and analytical skills.

In a separate role, Laura served as a financial and grants management consultant for a prominent Colorado nonprofit organization. Her responsibilities included the selection and implementation of a financial management system. She also participated in the development of a comprehensive five-year statewide strategic plan. Laura’s adeptness in financial planning was further highlighted as she crafted a $50 million business plan and budget for the organization.

Laura’s Hobbies

Beyond her professional achievements, Laura finds joy in her family life. Married to Tony, she is a proud parent to two children, Robert and Anna. In her leisure time, Laura indulges in playing the piano, gardening, and golfing. Nature holds a special place in her heart, as evidenced by her hobbies of walking country roads, camping, and fishing in the mountains. 

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