Stephanie Underwood: Meet NFP Partners

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Stephanie Underwood is the dynamic Vice President of Accounting Services at NFP Partners and an experienced leader in the nonprofit accounting field. Stephanie earned a BA in Business Administration from DeVry University. She also holds a Master of Science in Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management. She has over a decade of experience, making her a valuable partner within the team since her arrival in 2016.

Stephanie & NFP Partners

In her current role, Stephanie actively responds to inquiring nonprofits looking for accounting management solutions. She fosters strong client relationships, develops compelling proposals, and collaborates with the experienced NFP Partners team to articulate client needs. Stephanie also offers leadership and guidance to the growing NFP Partners’ team, a task she’s performed since joining the company.

Stephanie’s leadership is characterized by a keen understanding of the accounting problems nonprofits face and a commitment to ensuring NFP Partners is meeting them where they are and guiding them forward. She takes a proactive approach to delivering exceptional accounting services and building a NFP Partners team that is as mission-driven as the nonprofits the company serves. 

Stephanie’s Career

Before joining NFP Partners, Stephanie served as the finance manager for a large private aviation company in the Denver-metro area. In this capacity, she managed the company’s financial relationships and ensured operational efficiency. Stephanie’s professional journey also includes a significant tenure at a large public accounting firm. Here, she played a pivotal role in assisting numerous nonprofits, both nationally and internationally. This support included developing efficient accounting departments with optimized financial processes and providing accounting services at every level.

Stephanie finds fulfillment in working with nonprofits. She is driven by the purpose-oriented focus they embody and wants to be a part of each nonprofit’s success. In other words, Stephanie relishes the opportunity to impact the nonprofit world, one accounting challenge one at a time.

Stephanie’s Hobbies

Hailing from Iowa, Stephanie currently resides in the Kansas City-metro area. She shares her home with her husband and two children, Caden and Ava. Outside of her professional commitments, Stephanie enjoys travelling. She also stays active through CrossFit and participating in her children’s numerous activities. Her diverse skill set, leadership acumen, and passion for making a positive nonprofit accounting impact underscore her role within NFP Partners and the nonprofit sector.

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