Marcel Moore: Meet the NFP Partners Team

Marcel Moore specializes in creating digital content, curating events, and inbound marketing. He has a strong passion for front-end development and branding and brings extensive experience in graphic design and nonprofit leadership to the NFP Partners team and nonprofit clients.

Marcel & NFP Partners

In the role of Marketing Coordinator, Marcel manages NFP Partners’ social media accounts. He also helps monitor NFP Partners’ website, assists with target market outreach strategies, and creates branding materials.

Additionally, Marcel supports the Marketing Director in content creation, marketing campaigns, client interviews, SEO audits, and reporting. He provides administrative and project management support for company programs and special events.

Marcel’s Career

For the last four years, Marcel has led a nonprofit organization in Atlanta overseeing operations, payroll, and fundraising. Marcel believes nonprofits play a huge role in promoting positive change in the world, which is part of the reason he joined NFP Partners in 2024.

As the Founder and CEO of Urban Poets in Atlanta, he oversaw daily operations and strategic growth initiatives, curating over 70 fundraiser events. He also developed the first free music production and writing art program for high school students in Atlanta Public Schools.

Before founding Urban Poets, Marcel served as an Educational Technology Specialist at Georgia State University. With GSU, Marcel designed and implemented outreach and educational strategies to enhance student engagement. Additionally, as the Creative Media Lead at the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, he created targeted marketing campaigns and promotional content that exceeded KPIs.

Marcel’s Hobbies

Marcel lives in Atlanta, GA, and loves to travel and create art. Marcel is passionate about using innovative thinking and performance measurements to drive impactful marketing strategies. Dedicated to helping our members and clients succeed, he focuses on identifying actionable growth opportunities while bringing fresh perspectives and dynamic energy.