Continuing on from a previous subject, “Five Reasons to Work With a Software Value Added Reseller,” representing an accounting software client’s interests to the software developer – or vendor – is one of the most valuable but least obvious services performed. While the vendor tries to be responsive and constructive, it’s often difficult for it to put itself in local customers’ shoes.

In contrast, a local VAR can represent your interests to the vendor. It can even go to bat for you when issues arise. This is possible because the relationship dates back to the software implementation. Also, the fact that a local VAR understands your organization’s environment and use of the software.

Here are a few examples from our experiences over the years:

  • Help diagnose a technical problem that requires vendor support. The right information will be presented and you will get the most effective result
  • Direct the customer to the proper source at the vendor for information and assistance with various issues. This includes training, billing, and software updates, along with further quarterbacking the effort to assure a satisfactory result
  • Anticipate and interpret information released by the vendor to customers so it is more understandable and useful

Beyond the advocacy role, there are many situations where the personal service provided by the VAR is far more effective than dealing directly with a vendor via an 800 number, chat room, emails, etc.