Last month, we looked at the steps to evaluate AP automation options.  Since then, I have talked with some of our clients and partners. Thank you to those who participated, especially Karen Miller and Gerry Libby. Some additional suggestions came out of our discussions and are detailed below.

How to evaluate your nonprofit’s AP automation options

First, as you go through the process of understanding your organization’s objectives and pain points, your original conception of needs may change. Don’t be surprised if you end up looking at things in a different light along the way.

For example, we know AP is often painful because of the number of times paper gets touched. But, does that mean you need a full AP automation system? Perhaps the better solution is a document management system. It is very important to clearly identify and solve the issues that are costing you time and money.

Another suggestion is to compile a list of questions to ask during demos’. Providers usually make a set presentation, so be prepared to ask pointed questions that relate directly to your needs and priorities.  You may get an “I don’t know,” but press forward until you get an answer, even if it comes through a follow-up after the demo’. Should they fail to follow through in a reasonable time, question whether you want to pursue this provider.

Questions to ask your nonprofit’s potential AP provider

  • How often are updates made to the software?
  • Are updates part of the maintenance agreement?
  • How many versions of the software are supported and can they make the update decision?
  • What support options exist, such as chat, access to a knowledge base or toll-free live dialogue

Additional advice includes ensuring the costs and timelines are clearly defined. Allow for some flexibility on costs, particularly consulting services, by creating a buffer in the project budget. Also, remember to look at your fiscal calendar and arrange your implementation at the time most convenient for you. The end of a fiscal year with closing, reporting and audit preparation may not be the prime time for a software implementation project.

As the last piece of advice from our discussions – it’s important to follow up on references you receive.  You may be surprised at how much you learn.

Moving along with our deeper dive into automation, this month we review ACOM Solutions. For the complete list of solutions see our article from last month.


Jody Zatorski
Nonprofit Accounting Consultant