Anne Messerli: Meet the NFP Partners Team


Anne is a pivotal asset within NFP Partners’ accounting team who efficiently handles diverse responsibilities. These responsibilities range from processing accounts payable and accounts receivable to overseeing cash deposits, cash disbursements, credit card transactions, and client requests. Qualified with a BA in economics from the University of New Hampshire, Anne specializes in providing vital accounting support to nonprofit organizations.

Her journey to NFP Partners was marked by significant roles, including tenure at the Colorado School of Mines, where Anne adeptly managed the Chemical and Biological Engineering department accounting and grants. Here, Anne also skillfully handled the needs of students, visitors, and department guests. With prior experience as a Senior Financial Analyst for Financial Services at Denver Public Schools and as a grant accountant for federal programs, Anne brings a wealth of expertise to NFP’s clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Anne finds joy in her family life. She shares her world with husband Eric and their two daughters. Embracing the outdoors, Anne nurtures her love for hiking and skiing. Her adventurous spirit extends to travel. She has explored all 50 states and numerous countries, including South America, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, and New Zealand destinations. Anne’s zest for life shines through her passion for exploration and her dedication to her nonprofit clients, and family.

You can learn more about the NFP Partners team by visiting this link.