Accounting Best Practices:

by | Mar 12, 2024

Stephanie Underwood, Vice President of Accounting Services at NFP Partners, recently conducted a comprehensive training session on accounting best practices. During the presentation, Stephanie emphasized the following:

  • Importance of implementing sound accounting principles, including internal controls such as segregation of duties and the adoption of annual budgets
  • Necessity for board oversight and effective policies, such as whistleblower and conflict of interest policies, to ensure accountability and ethical operations within organizations
  • Practical insights on tracking compliance with grants and contracts and
  • Understanding financial statements while building efficient operating reserves

The presentation is aimed at equipping nonprofit accountants with actionable strategies to enhance the financial management of their organizations. If your nonprofit is thinking about the significance of proactive risk assessment and working to safeguard your organizational resources, we’d encourage you to give the resource below a view!¬†

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