Faith Hanson: Meet the NFP Partners

Faith hanson NFP Partners



Joining NFP Partners in 2022, Faith earned a BS in Accounting from Concordia University. She plays a pivotal role within the company’s nonprofit accounting team. She leverages her skills and experience to support nonprofit organizations daily accounting functions. Faith also holds a profound proficiency in programs such as Excel and Quickbooks. 

Faith’s prior stint was as a staff accountant in a public accounting firm. She specialized in supporting nonprofits with audits and developed her ability to prepare 990 forms for a wide spectrum of nonprofits.

Residing in Omaha, Nebraska, Faith finds solace in the company of her feline companion. Outside the professional realm, she cherishes quality time with family and friends. Further, she often immerses herself in the joy of reading and culinary adventures. Her commitment to professional excellence and a well-rounded personal life stands as a testament to her dedication to both her career and her passions beyond it.

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